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October 2018 Archives

Clauses in construction contracts must be read carefully

Construction projects are governed by the expectations of the project that were set when the bid was made. Almost all contractors will have the person sign a contract before embarking on the building. This outlines everything from the terms of the project to the payment expectations. When you are hiring a contractor, be sure to read every word on the paper before you sign.

Child custody arrangements must be realistic

Parenting a child who doesn't live with you full-time can be a big challenge. When you consider that children thrive on consistency, you can understand why some parents choose to co-parent. That way, rules and expectations typically remain about the same from one house to the other. We know that this isn't always easy for the parents to accomplish, but it is often best for the kids.

Finding ways to connect with your children over long distances

Long-distance parenting is very challenging. For the parents who have to embark upon this, trying to find ways to make the situation work is imperative. It might take some trial and error, but most parents will soon realize that it is well worth it.

Many factors influence a car wreck claim for compensation

Car wrecks can occur in any conditions, especially when there are negligent and inattentive drivers on the road. The trouble with this is that these drivers can impact innocent people. It is fully possible that a person who is struck by a negligent driver might suffer from a catastrophic injury or one that leads to death.

What does the court consider to calculate alimony in Louisiana?

With how reliant many Louisiana residents are on their spouse’s income, it can be jarring to begin living without it after a divorce. Some people may adjust fine if they have a well-paid job that can support them and their child, while others may not be so lucky making the shift from a house to an apartment.

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