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November 2018 Archives

Commercial construction delays can cost you money

As a business owner, you need things done in a timely manner. When you hire a contractor to remodel or build for your business, you need the project completed by the deadline. Your company can lose money if things aren't finished when they are supposed to be. This is one reason why you need a contract to govern the project.

Making plans for single parenting is a challenge

Thinking about how you are going to live as a single parent can seem harrowing at some points. One of the best things you can do for yourself in these instances is to make all the plans you can for handling things solo. As you are doing this, you have to ensure that your choices are in line with the parenting plan that you agreed on with your ex. We can review the child custody order with you to ensure you know exactly what it means.

Prepare for your first holiday as a divorced single

The first holiday season after a divorce is challenging for many people. You might be surprised by the range of emotions that come up during this time of year, even if you were the one who wanted to end the marriage. Finding ways to make it through this year is important, so be sure you think carefully about what you might need to do.

Baton Rouge traffic may worsen this holiday season

The traffic in Baton Rouge is notoriously heavy. As the holiday season marches on, this is going to get much worse, especially around the mall and shopping centers. All drivers in the city need to plan for their trips to take a bit longer to accommodate that uptick in traffic. We know that you might have important things to do, but you should always put your own safety first.

Sharing custody after a contentious divorce

The process of separation and divorce can often result in a challenging relationship between former spouses. For couples who are also parents, no matter how difficult the dynamics may be, the top priority has to be the children. Shared custody arrangements for former spouses who find it difficult to get along can bring strain to the family dynamics.

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