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January 2019 Archives

Think carefully about how you handle a big rig crash case

One area of personal injury law that can sometimes prove complex is semitruck crashes. Oftentimes, these large companies want to try to place the blame for the crash on anyone other than the trucker. When this happens, you might have to work to show what happened on the day of the big rig accident. There are several things that we can do to show why the trucking company, trucker or other defendants are liable for the financial damages you are facing.

Emotions shouldn't rule the decisions you make in divorce

The emotions that you feel when you are going through a divorce will likely vary greatly. You need to be sure that you are handling these appropriately. One thing that you shouldn't do is allow your emotions to rule the decisions that you are making. It might help if you take a step back before you make choices now. We can help you evaluate the ones that are available to you.

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