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March 2019 Archives

Prepare carefully for divorce battles in court

While many people are able to go through a divorce without enduring a trial, there are some who must have the court determine the outcome. If you think that you and your ex won't be able to work things out together, you should start to prepare for the possibility of a trial. We know that this might not be a pleasant experience, but we can try to help make things less stressful for you.

Damages for car wrecks can be very serious

Personal injury cases are difficult for the victims because they are already dealing with so much from the effects of their injuries. This can make it hard for them to do much when it comes to their case. Fortunately, we can handle the legal work so that you can heal and focus on your recovery if you are in this position.

Think about your child's needs when you make custody decisions

Coming up with the terms of a parenting plan isn't going to be easy if you don't get along with your ex. One thing that might help everyone involved is if both adults decide to keep everything respectful. This might not be easy, especially when tempers flare, but making a concerted effort can make things less stressful. We know that you might need some assistance with this matter. We are here to work on your behalf to come up with the terms of the agreement and to hash out the more challenging matters.

Harassment has no place in a co-parenting relationship

A co-parenting relationship isn't ever easy, but it is necessary if you share children. Having an ex who is harassing you can lead to even more challenging situations than what you would normally have to deal with. There really isn't room in any parenting relationship for one parent not treating the other with complete respect, so you should think carefully about how to handle it if you find yourself in that situation.

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