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April 2019 Archives

Why kids should be expected to do chores in both parents' homes

If you're a divorced parent, you may feel like you're competing with your ex-spouse for your children's affection. This may be particularly true if you only have custody of your kids on the weekends and during school breaks. You may hesitate to assign them chores that they're used to doing in their other home. You'd rather spend your time together doing things that they want to do.

Why you need a postnup if you become a stay-at-home parent

When expecting a child or when their children are still very young, a parent will sometimes make the decision to take some time away from the workplace to stay home and care for the kids. Sometimes, they will move to a job where they can work from home or part-time. Others, if the family can afford it, will take a sabbatical from their career completely.

How are the child's best interests decided during a divorce?

Parents are used to believing they know what’s best for their child and they are usually loathe to give up that control, But if parents can’t agree on child custody during a divorce, a judge will hold a custody hearing during which each parent can state his or her arguments for legal and physical custody of the child.

How do alcohol issues impact custody decisions?

When courts are called on to make decisions regarding child custody, the overriding consideration is what's in the best interests of the child. Ideally, both parents are able to have some kind of relationship with their children, even if one parent gets primary custody and the other only has visitation privileges. In cases where neither parent is physically and/or emotionally equipped to safely care for a child, a court may award guardianship to a third party, such as a grandparent.

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