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June 2019 Archives

How does Louisiana enforce child support obligations?

Despite orders handed down by a family law court, thousands of Louisiana parents neglect or refuse to meet their child support obligations. This leaves the custodial parent with the overwhelming task of making ends meet without help from the co-parent. However, the children who deserve support and care from both parents end up suffering the most in these situations.

How can divorced parents tell if parental alienation is an issue?

Local family law attorneys can teach you a lot about the procedures involved in getting a divorce. They possess authoritative knowledge of the Louisiana laws that govern their practices and routinely guide spouses through the divorce process. Good family law attorneys with plenty of experience can also tell parents about other pitfalls that may arise during and after divorce. One such pitfall is the risk of alienation from the children couples may share.

Handling conflict between your co-parent and your new partner

When parents divorce, they have to remain in each other's lives to some extent. They need to communicate about the kids and attend school and extracurricular activities together. They may even continue to attend family holiday gatherings together. If they get along, they may not have clear boundaries about how much interaction is appropriate.

What you should know if you have supervised child visitation

If a court has ordered that your visitation time with your children be supervised, you likely know why that decision was made. Supervised visitation is most commonly ordered when there has been an issue with a parent's behavior (or alleged behavior) that concerns a judge.

When bullying becomes physical assault in nursing homes

You might think that the worries of being the victim of a bully ended in high school. Unfortunately, some people remain bullies their entire lives. When they enter nursing homes and other senior living facilities in their sunset years, they can torment those who live in close quarters with them. Bullying, along with verbal, emotional, sexual and physical assaults among residents, is an unfortunate reality in too many of these elder care facilities.

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