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July 2019 Archives

Why would a Louisiana judge order supervised visitation only?

The primary duty of a family court judge serving in Louisiana is to protect the best interests of children involved in family-related legal issues. In many cases, this means setting aside the expressed wishes of either or both parents. In fulfilling their duty to protect the state's most vulnerable citizens, family law judges must often make unpopular decisions.

Warning signs of adoption fraud

Couples that cannot have children on their own often turn to adoption to start a family. Accepting and loving children born to another person is a solution for all involved parties. However, adoption is an area vulnerable to fraud, especially when the parties do not get experienced legal guidance.

Will all my family’s property be divided in divorce?

Asset division is a common concern among many divorcing spouses, and it can quickly become a point of conflict. This is understandable because spouses often invest a significant amount of time and effort to attain nice things for their family, and the way those assets are divided can influence each spouse’s situation post-divorce.

What is the quickest method of divorce in Louisiana?

If there is one thing family law attorneys understand, it is divorce. Unfortunately, many couples reach a point where their marriages no longer work for either spouse. Sometimes, this realization evolves over months or even years, giving spouses time to plan the divorce. However, other times relationships fall apart quickly, making it essential to end the marriage as fast as possible.

What kinds of non-economic damages are available after an injury?

Suffering a serious injury comes with many hardships. Victims usually face massive medical expenses due to hospitalization and continuing medical treatment. In most cases, victims will also miss a lot of work, which typically means that they lose a lot of income.

When construction disputes arise, make sure you have legal help

In thriving cities like Baton Rouge, workers are busy on commercial construction projects nearly every day. To the average resident, these projects seem to flow in a routine manner. However, to those involved in these endeavors, it can be a nail-biting experience. Delays, disputes and other legal issues often arise during building, leaving commercial business owners worried about their bottom lines.

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