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Construction law: Effective arbitration clauses for your contract

Arbitration is not just a good alternative to traditional litigation in construction law disputes; it is often a mandatory requirement in Louisiana. Many business owners involved in building a new office or headquarters do not plan for an arbitrated solution. As such, they may not have an arbitration clause in their construction contracts. These clauses are essential for both sides in a construction law dispute.

When construction disputes arise, make sure you have legal help

In thriving cities like Baton Rouge, workers are busy on commercial construction projects nearly every day. To the average resident, these projects seem to flow in a routine manner. However, to those involved in these endeavors, it can be a nail-biting experience. Delays, disputes and other legal issues often arise during building, leaving commercial business owners worried about their bottom lines.

Commercial construction delays can cost you money

As a business owner, you need things done in a timely manner. When you hire a contractor to remodel or build for your business, you need the project completed by the deadline. Your company can lose money if things aren't finished when they are supposed to be. This is one reason why you need a contract to govern the project.

Clauses in construction contracts must be read carefully

Construction projects are governed by the expectations of the project that were set when the bid was made. Almost all contractors will have the person sign a contract before embarking on the building. This outlines everything from the terms of the project to the payment expectations. When you are hiring a contractor, be sure to read every word on the paper before you sign.

Breach of contract is serious in construction projects

Construction law encompasses a lot of different areas. It can cover a case in which the contractor did a shoddy job constructing a building and now there are issues. A contractor not following the plans for a job can also fall under this umbrella. In many of these cases, the underlying issue is that the contract for the project wasn't followed.

Environmental concerns halt oil pipeline in Louisiana

Environmental concerns and construction projects are often intertwined these days -- and legal issues often erupt when a project puts the natural environment around it at risk. Contractors who fail to appreciate the sincerity and resources of those people who are willing to take a project to court over potential environmental damage do so at their own peril.

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