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Emotions shouldn't rule the decisions you make in divorce

The emotions that you feel when you are going through a divorce will likely vary greatly. You need to be sure that you are handling these appropriately. One thing that you shouldn't do is allow your emotions to rule the decisions that you are making. It might help if you take a step back before you make choices now. We can help you evaluate the ones that are available to you.

Finding the balance you need for co-parenting

Children look forward to spending time with their parents. This is even true for teens who act like their parents are an embarrassment. When you are going through a divorce, you need to find ways to spend as much time as you can with your kids when they are with you. The issue here is finding the balance between doing this and still allowing them to be their own people.

The legal process of divorce is complex for some

When you are going through a divorce, there are many aspects of life that you will have to rethink. Your budget, living arrangements, parenting time and property division are all things to consider. As you go through the legal process, you will make decisions about many of these that might impact your future. Making sure you carefully consider each option that you have can help you to make the decisions you feel are best for your needs. We can help you to learn the options that are available to you.

Making plans for single parenting is a challenge

Thinking about how you are going to live as a single parent can seem harrowing at some points. One of the best things you can do for yourself in these instances is to make all the plans you can for handling things solo. As you are doing this, you have to ensure that your choices are in line with the parenting plan that you agreed on with your ex. We can review the child custody order with you to ensure you know exactly what it means.

Prepare for your first holiday as a divorced single

The first holiday season after a divorce is challenging for many people. You might be surprised by the range of emotions that come up during this time of year, even if you were the one who wanted to end the marriage. Finding ways to make it through this year is important, so be sure you think carefully about what you might need to do.

Child custody arrangements must be realistic

Parenting a child who doesn't live with you full-time can be a big challenge. When you consider that children thrive on consistency, you can understand why some parents choose to co-parent. That way, rules and expectations typically remain about the same from one house to the other. We know that this isn't always easy for the parents to accomplish, but it is often best for the kids.

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