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Does signing an injury liability waiver mean you can never sue?

Many different types of entities in Louisiana use liability waivers to prevent victims from taking legal action after suffering an injury. For example, a tattoo parlor may require patrons to sign a waiver so that they cannot sue the parlor if a serious infection occurs. Other examples of businesses and companies that use liability waivers include the following.

What kinds of non-economic damages are available after an injury?

Suffering a serious injury comes with many hardships. Victims usually face massive medical expenses due to hospitalization and continuing medical treatment. In most cases, victims will also miss a lot of work, which typically means that they lose a lot of income.

When bullying becomes physical assault in nursing homes

You might think that the worries of being the victim of a bully ended in high school. Unfortunately, some people remain bullies their entire lives. When they enter nursing homes and other senior living facilities in their sunset years, they can torment those who live in close quarters with them. Bullying, along with verbal, emotional, sexual and physical assaults among residents, is an unfortunate reality in too many of these elder care facilities.

Damages for car wrecks can be very serious

Personal injury cases are difficult for the victims because they are already dealing with so much from the effects of their injuries. This can make it hard for them to do much when it comes to their case. Fortunately, we can handle the legal work so that you can heal and focus on your recovery if you are in this position.

Car wreck in Louisiana? Time limits and duty to mitigate damages

While some people focus heavily on the monetary compensation that is associated with personal injury claims, there is another reason to seek compensation after a car wreck. This is your chance to hold the driver who caused the wreck accountable before the court. For some victims, this is more important than the money. We understand that there might be several things that drive you to seek compensation. We are here to find out what's truly important to you so that you can get your case moving.

Think carefully about how you handle a big rig crash case

One area of personal injury law that can sometimes prove complex is semitruck crashes. Oftentimes, these large companies want to try to place the blame for the crash on anyone other than the trucker. When this happens, you might have to work to show what happened on the day of the big rig accident. There are several things that we can do to show why the trucking company, trucker or other defendants are liable for the financial damages you are facing.

Don't ignore the damages of a car wreck

Traffic in Baton Rouge has gotten horrible since the influx of people who came here after Katrina -- and it hasn't improved at all. Bumper-to-bumper conditions on I-10 and even local routes are common, but most residents have gotten used to planning for this and still use safe driving practices. Unfortunately, there are still drivers who think that it is best to try to cross multiple lanes of traffic at the last second.

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